Miss Virtual Portugal 2013 Contest

We are proud to announce Miss Virtual Portugal 2013 is now open for submissions!
This contest would give one girl the unique opportunity to be a part of Miss Virtual World 2013 representing Miss Virtual Portugal 2013

All inscriptions must be done via Notecard AND Flickr. The notecard must be sent to MissVPortugal Resident (renamed as “MissVPortugal 2013 – YOUR NAME) AND the pictures need to be added at Flickr group of the contest (http://www.flickr.com/groups/missvportugal/)

1ST Audition:
Entries: January 18th to February 18th
1st Live Audition: February 25th at 11AM SLT

 2nd Audition:
Entries: February 19th to March 17th
2nd Live Audition: March 24th at 11AM SLT

Grand Finale: April 14th at 11AM SLT

For More Information:

Pedrinho Naire

Hadaluna Daines

Luiza Riddler


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