Menswear Fashion Week 2012

Schedule Of Events

March 23
11am-12pm SLT – Egoisme Fashion Show
3pm-4pm SLT – Zenith Fashion, Faster Pussycat, Eclipse, Birth, Dura Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SLT – L’Enfant Terrible Fashion Show
7pm-9pm SLT – Siren Productions Gothic Fairytale Opening Party

March 24
10am-11am SLT – Viktor/Viktoria Fashion Show
11am-1pm SLT – AVENUE Opening Party
2pm-3pm SLT – Aleida Fashion Show
5pm-6pm SLT – Zanzo, Philo, Prodigal Fashion Show

March 25
11am-12pm SLT – PeKa’s Design Fashion Show
3pm-4pm SLT – Emma’s, Prince Magic, Ohio Kilts, Jarythe’s Shop Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SLT – Starchild Designs Fashion Show

March 26
10am-11am SLT – Subversion Fashion Show
2pm-3pm SLT – Vitamen, Splendeurs, Lazybum, Akeruka, Shag Rehearsal
5pm-6pm SLT – KMADD Underwear Fashion Show
6pm-8pm SLT – KMADD Industry Party

March 27
11am-12pm SLT – [sYs] Fashion Show
3pm-4pm SLT – Mashookas, FA Creations, SIgnature Skins Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SLT – Toritire Clothiers, Chinese Take-Out, JFL, D.N.A Fashion Show

March 28
10am-11am SLT – Gabriel Fashion Show
11am-1pm SLT – Secondnight Knight of the Round Table Party
2pm-3pm SLT – Halcali, Artemis, EMO-Tions, Lavie Fashion Show
5-6pm SLT – Havok, Yasum Designs, Akeyo, Vaya Con Dios Fashion Show

March 29
11am-12pm SLT – Mortality Clothing, PXDTOXIC Fashion Show
6pm-7pm SLT – Rfyre & EMO-tions Fashion Show
7pm-9pm SLT – Maniera Industry Party

March 30
10am-11am SLT – Upper Eschelon Fashion Show
2pm-3pm SLT – Gizza Creations Fashion Show
5pm-6pm SLT – Ladies Who Lunch, Tableu Vivant Fashion Show
6pm-8pm SLT – InWorld Inc Industry Party

March 31
10am-11am SLT – Cheerno Homme Fashion Show
11am-1pm SLT – ICONically Sexy Zodiac Party
1pm-2pm SLT – Face of MWFW 2012 Runway Competition
7pm-8pm SLT – Just BECAUSE Clothing, Redgrave, SF Designs, JCS Fashion Show
8-10pm SLT – Harajuku SET Party


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